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Helping High Achievers Accelerate & Maximize their Results

Get out of your head and slump! Get back to your inspired self and start achieving more of what’s really important to you! Stop selling yourself short, find out what’s really possible…

Have you always been a high achieving individual who’s reached a point that has you wondering what’s next? What would really make me happy? Are you tired of hearing others tell you how talented and successful you are while inside you’re disappointed knowing you aren’t feeling inspired enough to give it your all?

If there were no limits, what would be possible for you? Who are you when you strip away all the beliefs, assumptions, and inputs from the world around you? Where are you feeling stuck or limited in options? Coaching is a thought provoking process designed to open up new perspectives and possibilities, bringing forward and putting your greatest strengths to work for you. Commit to accelerating your growth and achievements by developing awareness, choices and trust.

"Mindset" is the set of beliefs we hold about ourselves, and our abilities. It directly impacts the power to maximize our potential.

Ready to maximize your true self and achieve more than you ever believed was possible?

Check out my 3 Step Process below to get a feel for how Coaching can help you!


STEP 1: Get Clear on Your Goals

Let’s sit down and get clear on what it is that you really want - the real stuff, not what someone else expects of you.

Coaching is a process. It is entirely client centric and goal focused. The process allows a client dedicated time and space to establish or focus on goals, and develop actions to move toward them, producing measurable results.

Coaching is designed to help you not only set the right goals, but get there faster while anchoring you firmly in your own unique and individual strengths & values.

STEP 2: 1:1 Coaching Forward Movement

We hire personal trainers & sports coaches to keep us progressing, yet we go through life & our careers on our own with little to no support. Coaching will accelerate and amplify your results.

1:1 Coaching Sessions will accelerate and amplify your results by helping you identify and prioritize the most effective steps to progress toward your goals. These sessions focus on building the path, identifying and clearing roadblocks, and maintaining accountability while building personal awareness and skills that will help you achieve big results AND self-coach on future goals. Through feedback and reflection you will gain longterm sustainable personal growth and learning.

STEP 3: Goal Calibration/Completion

Throughout the process we will check back in on your goals to ensure progress and any needed changes. You will not be the same person you were when you started, things change, your goals may do that too. We will check in on your goals frequently and adjust as things change to ensure you are on track to make it happen!


Jacqueline “Jax” Rose, ATC, ACC

Professional Coach


Accelerate your results with a Coach on your side!

Put your strengths to work, unlock your potential & a world of possibility.


What others had to say.

Sky’s the limit…What’s possible for you?

As someone with lots of ideas, scattered focus and an innate ability to procrastinate, working with Jax as my coach has drastically improved my life...both personally and professionally. She listens to me and yet she has the ability to see beyond my words to get to the heart of what I want to express and accomplish. She has the gift of pulling out my strengths and knowing how to work with the things I struggle with. Her guidance has helped me reach new heights. I now see projects to their completion while also looking ahead to my next goals with excitement, instead of dread. Thank you, rock! 

— Marcia L.

I was working full time in a good job, but felt “stuck”. I wanted a new challenge. I was just doing things just to get the job “done”, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel a sense of “purpose.  I wasn’t sure how to move forward.

That’s when I started to work with Jacquie.  She listened and didn’t judge. She gave me guidance and courage to step out of my comfort zone and confidence that I could make a change. It was exactly what I needed to move forward.

As a result of Jacque’s coaching, I found a new job with a sense of purpose. THANK YOU Jacquie for all you’ve done!  

— Sharon g.

I started working with Jacquie in the late Spring of 2018. I came to her knowing what I wanted to do, but not having the confidence or direction to get myself there. She was able to provide both of these things. She taught me to strengthen my strengths and be confident in the direction I wanted to go. Because of Jacquie’s guidance, I have landed a position that I am excited about and is the exact direction I am looking to go. I could never thank her enough!

— Haley N.