What is Coaching?


“ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” ~International Coaching Federation

“Coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change that will lead to desired results; facilitating movement from a current state to a more desirable future state” ~Adler

Invest in Yourself

A Jacked Experience is a strengths based Professional Coaching Practice with a focus on helping clients set and achieve meaningful goals that lead to better Performance, Learning and ultimately Fulfillment in life & work. Find out what you’re truly capable of and gain the following along the way:

  • A sense of direction - know what you really want, what would inspire you to achieve

  • Bring a sense of purpose to your life or career

  • Development of a solid and actionable plan to get to you there    

  • Improved decision making resulting in accelerated forward movement

  • Personal & professional growth through awareness

  • Identify and overcome what’s holding you back

  • Accountability, motivation & support in achieving your goal

  • Be challenged to go further than you thought was possible

  • Increased confidence and self-trust

  • Take your ideas from dreams to reality

Coaching is a collaborative process fundamentally built on supporting and creating change. It generates both short and long term results. It is not a quick fix, and requires patience, trust and commitment over time. Coaching is about challenging and broadening perspectives, making room for new possibilities to come forward.